Go Organic launches “Organic 101: Experiencing the Organic Way of Life”

ORDINARY people, including those living in Metro Manila, can start their own organic farm, and can easily learn the basics in organic farming.

In a statement, Lawyer Efren Moncupa, lead convenor of Go Organic! Philippines said by starting their own organic farm, people can actually start enjoying a healthier lifestyle, starting with eating healthier food – or food produced without the aid of chemical fertilizer and chemical pesticides, and heal various ailments naturally through the food.

Moncupa issued the statement as Go Organic Philippines launches today the Organic 101: Experiencing the Organic Way of Life on May 8, 2009 at the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement (PRRM) located at No. 56 Mo. Ignacia Avenue corner Dr. Lascano St., Quezon City.

Organized by the PRRM and the La Liga Policy Institute (LLPI), the whole day event features sharing and lecture sessions on “Starting Your Own Organic Farm” with Go Organic! Philippines National Trainors, and promote various alternative health, medicine and healing practices associated with nature.

The sessions will help interested individuals get started with their own organic farm through sharing on basic farm planning, organic fertilizer production and natural pesticides control.

For those living in Metro Manila, a session dubbed “Urban Composting and Gardening” with Odette Alcantara, Earth Day Network will prove that solid waste management is easy.

Another session dubbed “Vermiculture and Livelihood Possibilities in Organic Fertilizer Production” with Tony and Beth de Castro of the Earthworm Sanctuary will teach about the greatest organic farmer on earth — the earthworms!   Mr. And Mrs. De Castro will share how they started with their lucrative business of organic fertilizer production and organic vegetable farming together with what they call the “earth angels”.

The event also features “The Food Alphabet: Keeping Healthy with Indigenous and Earth-friendly Foods” with Ms. Ines Av. Fernandez Executive Director of ARUGAAN.  ARUGAAN is an NGO that has been described as a day care center like no other. A staunch advocate of breastfeeding and earth-friendly and indigenous diet for children, Arugaan disabuses the minds of young parents who have begun to believe the media hype that there is substitute for natural foods.

Meanwhile, another session dubbed “Healing through Food: A Personal Experience on Food’s Healing Wonders” with Ms. Lovelynn Juan, Doc Susan’s Kitchen and Clinic.

Ms. Juan is a survivor of the chronic disease known as lupus, through nutritional healing. Lupus, the disease that led to the death of Former Pres. Marcos, is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and can damage internal organs, often leading to a number of related health complications.

Dubbed as “A Sneak-peak on How to Prepare Delicious and Healthy Foods with Ms. Lisa Dacanay, development worker as well as a practicing vegan, will debunk the common notion that having healthy and nutritious food is difficult to achieve in our fast-paced modern lives. She will demonstrate easy-to-prepare recipes and share tips on how to get high nutritional and satiety value without the stress in preparations, Moncupa said.

Agerico Valdez, Municipal Administrator of Baras, Rizal a traditional Healing Practitioner, will give an overview of alternative traditional healing practices.

Valdez, former president of OPTA and now the main mover of organic agriculture in Baras, Rizal, will share the various traditional healing practices. He also operates a healing center in the said municipality.

On the other hand, Dr. Ellen Pedrosa, Executive Director of AltHealth, a health care organization which offers alternative treatments to its clients, will discuss during a session “Alternative Health Care.”

Ginhawa Creative Healing Rituals for the Self and the Earth with Ms. Leah R. Tolentino, Balay Ginhawa, meanwhile will promote an embodied process that nurture the body, recognizes its healing potential and channels well-being energy for the self, kapwa, and the Earth.

Tolentino, is a Professor of Creation Spirituality at the Asian Social Institute

and Director of GINHAWA.

Also to be featured is the session dubbed “Body Talk: The Language of Health” with Girlie Villariba, a Body Talk Practitioner.  Body Talk is a revolutionary form of alternative healthcare that utilizes the body’s natural ability to heal itself. BodyTalk works with the built-in wisdom of the body to re-synchronize so that every part of your body works together.

This re-synchronization allows us to reconnect the lines of communication of our body so that your level of health improves.

Meanwhile, Tetada Kalimasada with Pilatih Nasional Mars Robosa, will also highlight the event.  Tetada Kalimasada is of Indosenian origin which started off as martial arts. Like most martial arts, there is a level wherein the practitioner is taught healing techniques. In Tetada Kalimasada, the emphasis is more towards healing through a combination of traingular breathing techniques, movements (called jurus), and meditation (called tafakur).

Moncupa said all these traditional and alternative healing practices leads to good health, which is just one of the many benefits of going organic.

“By going organic, we can actually enjoy life,” Moncupa ended.


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  2. alternative treatments that are based on natural and organic stuffs are the best .


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